For water and sewer emergencies during business hours, call 208.354.2362 x2100. Only on weekends or after 5pm, call 208.201.8117. Click here for Public Works Page.

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                                          Driggs Airport


                                          Contact Info
                                          City Hall

                                          60 South Main Street
                                          P.O. Box 48
                                          Driggs, Idaho 83422

                                          Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                          Friday 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

                                          Phone: (208) 354-2362

                                          General Email:

                                          Code Enforcement

                                          Improving & maintaining public health and safety for our community

                                          Mission Statement

                                          Enforcement in the City of Driggs is dedicated to respectfully promoting community safety, well-being, and values. 
                                          We value the health, safety, and welfare of our community.
                                          We believe in neighborliness and respectful interactions.
                                          We believe education is an integral part of enforcement.
                                          We value enforcement conducted in a fair, consistent, yet flexible manner.
                                          We acknowledge individual as well as community property rights.
                                          We value pedestrian and bicycle safety.

                                          City of Driggs Code Enforcement Policy - Adopted by City Council on May 18, 2021, Amended June 7, 2022

                                          Reporting a Code Violation 

                                          Are there conditions on public or private property that violate the Driggs City Code, Land Development Code, or Building Codes?  If so, please submit a complaint using the Online Zoning/City Code Complaint Form at the bottom of this page. Before reporting a code violation, please ensure that the violating address is within city limits.  To verify, search the address here .  For a complaint to be investigated, the following information is required:

                                          • Location of a potential violation
                                          • Property owner name, phone number, and email (if known)
                                          • Description of a potential violation
                                          • Your name, phone number, address, and email
                                          • Complaints are investigated in the order they are submitted and as resources allow.  Potential violations which may pose threats to public health and safety take priority.
                                          Common Violations

                                          Junk, debris, and inoperable equipment in public view
                                          Unmaintained landscaping
                                          Illegal parking
                                          Dogs off-leash
                                          Use of RV's and Campers as a permanent residence
                                          Unpermitted or prohibited signs
                                          Unpermitted construction
                                          Unregistered businesses
                                          Illegal dumping
                                          Livestock and Rooster violations
                                          Conditional Use Permit violations
                                          Obstruction of public right-of-ways
                                          FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease Trap) Inspection violations

                                          Helpful Links

                                          Driggs City Code
                                          Land Development Code (Zoning)
                                          Pre-Treatment Ordinance
                                          Fat Oils Grease Ordinance
                                          Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Prevention Program
                                          Teton County GIS Zoning Map
                                          Teton County GIS Address & Parcel Map
                                          IRC 2012
                                          IBC 2015

                                          Report A Code Violation

                                          Department Contact Information

                                          Code Enforcement Officer

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                                          left tree

                                          60 South Main Street
                                          Post Office Box 48
                                          Driggs, Idaho 83422


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