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Outdoor Lighting Ordinance #333-12

The Milky Way is vanishing from urban neighborhoods at an astonishing rate. Dark sky friendly choices can eliminate light pollution and provide: Better sleep • Better night vision and safety • Courtesy between neighbors • Brilliant views of the stars

The Milky Way in the night sky of Driggs Idaho.

The Milky Way in our night sky is worth protecting. Photo by Glenn McCreery.

Skyglow is the artificial brightness of the night sky that’s caused by light pollution. Lights that are overly bright, unshielded or left on overnight is scattered by dust and gas molecules in the atmosphere, producing a luminous background. Light pollution not only obscures the natural beauty of the stars but also harms human health and wildlife. 

The City of Driggs Outdoor Lighting Ordinance (article 11.4 of the Land Development Code ) became effective March 19, 2013. So what does that mean for the residents of Driggs? There are requirements of the ordinance that became applicable immediately upon the effective date and other requirements that will need to be addressed prior to the designated compliance date March 19, 2023.

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Planning & Zoning Administrator
Leanne Bernstein
208-354-2362 ext 2106

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60 South Main Street
Post Office Box 48
Driggs, Idaho 83422


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