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Driggs Residents: Pipes are still freezing despite warmer temps!

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Published: February, 28 2023

Public Works is seeing an increase of frozen water lines this winter including service lines that haven't frozen in 10+ years. Even though you might assume your risk is lower due to warmer temperatures, the frost line is actually continuing to get deeper. One recent excavation showed frozen ground over four feet deep!

If you are in a home or business where the pipes have frozen in the last 15 years or if you are located in the "old town" area of Driggs, please run a pencil tip size stream of water to prevent your pipes from freezing. Let's keep our water flowing this winter!

Prepare: Tips and Tricks to prevent frozen pipes!
  • Keep a pencil tip thick trickle of cold water flowing from a faucet
  • Check to make sure pipes are properly insulated
  • Seal areas and close vents that allow cold air into your home
  • Wrap exposed pipes with insulated foam sleeves
  • Use water frequently to keep pipes from freezing
  • Open cabinet doors to heat around pipes
  • Leave the heat on at 50 degrees or higher
  • When you travel, have someone check your house periodically
For water and sewer emergencies during business hours, call 208.354.2362 x2100. Only on weekends or after 5pm, call 208.201.8117. Click here for Public Works Page
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60 South Main Street
Post Office Box 48
Driggs, Idaho 83422


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