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AOCI Update

Area of City Impact (AOCI or AOI) - Update Negotiations

The Area of City Impact (AOCI or AOI), is an identified area of unincorporated County land, outside of city limits. This area is defined and agreed upon by both the City and the County. This area is under the County’s jurisdiction; however, specific plans and ordinance are agreed upon by both the City and the County that dictate annexations, and other planning and zoning procedures. The AOI is formally adopted by both the City and County by ordinance. The County enforces the applicable codes in the AOI, although for some applications a joint city-county process is followed. Idaho Code §67-6526 dictates the negotiation and adoption procedures for creating and update an AOI.

The University of Idaho College of Law and Idaho Smart Growth published a very helpful Guide on the AOI:
Area of City Impact: A Tool kit of Guidelines and Resources for use by Idaho Cities and Counties

Current zoning in the AOCI can be found through Teton County's GIS portal

Current AOCI Zoning and Development Regulations

The City of Driggs and Teton County Idaho have initiated an update to the Driggs Area of City Impact, or AOCI or AOI. The AOCI agreement and regulations were most recently substantially updated in 2010. A new agreement for the AOCI will have implications for zoning and development standards in this area. The City's Planning & Zoning Commission is currently conducting worksessions on this topic. Ultimately, any changes to the AOCI will be approved by City Council and the Teton County Board of County Commissioners through the public hearing process. 

City Planning & Zoning Commission work sessions - Monthly July 2023 through December 2023
City Council work session - February 6 - Done!
Public Open House - February 8 - 4:30-6:30pm at City Hall - Done! Thank you to all who attended!
County Planning & Zoning Commission work session - February 13 at 5pm (County Courthouse) - Done!
City Planning & Zoning Commission work session - February 13 at 6pm (City Hall) - Done!
Board of County Commissioners work session - February 26 at 1pm (County Courthouse)
City Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing - March 13 at 6pm (City Hall)
* Future Public Hearings to be scheduled after the City P&Z Commission hearing

The City's Planning & Zoning Commission has been working diligently on the AOI in work sessions each month during their regular meetings. During work sessions, the Commission has become versed in the statutory requirements for the AOI and has discussed, at length, justifications for a new AOI Agreement, including potential AOI boundary, zoning, code, and plan adoption.

December 13, 2023 P&Z Commission work session staff report

An interactive map showing the proposed boundary and zoning is embedded below.

If this map does not load, it can also be accessed here - DRAFT MAP

Current AOI is indicated in blue in the image above.

This project page was last updated on February 24, 2024.

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60 South Main Street
Post Office Box 48
Driggs, Idaho 83422


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