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Teton Ave., LLC Zone Change & Subdivision

The applicant has submitted a request for a zone map amendment and subdivision concept plan.

A Neighborhood Meeting was held on Monday, March 20, 2023 at Driggs City Hall.

Since these applications were initially submitted, the scope of the project has changed. The project area was formerly 25 platted lots around Teton Ave, south of Fremont Ave. The updated proposal focuses on 15 platted lots. See the proposed maps below.

The Planning & Zoning Commission considered the application during a public hearing on June 14, 2023, and ultimately recommended denial of the rezone. This recommendation was forwarded to City Council who considered the rezone during a public hearing on July 18th, 2023. City Council denied the change in the base zoning district based on the finding that the proposed map amendment does not conform with Criteria C, Criteria E, Criteria F, or Criteria I of the approval criteria in Section 14.9.4 of the Driggs Land Development Code and outlined in the staff report, for parcel number RPA0017008001C, from RS-7 Single- and Two- Family Residential to RM-1 Residential Multi-Family.

Statement of Decision July 18, 2023

Zone Change Staff Report for June 14 P&Z Commission hearing .

Subdivision Application Materials

Zone Map Amendment Application Materials

Updated project area and site plan:

Above image: Site concept submitted in February 2023

left tree
left tree

60 South Main Street
Post Office Box 48
Driggs, Idaho 83422


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