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Published: March, 16 2022

The Driggs City Council seat was ratified during last night’s regular City Council meeting. The November 2021 election resulted in a tie between Erika Earles and Miles Knowles for one City Council seat. A coin toss settled the score, and Earles won the four-year seat. Two months into her term, Earles relocated to Kansas to be closer to family. Thus, the seat was open again. 

Newly elected Mayor August Christensen reevaluated the process for appointing council members and set a timeframe for interested parties to apply. Through a joint interview and application review process, Driggs resident Miles Knowles was again selected to serve the now two-year seat on Driggs City Council. 

Council members Jen Calder, Tristan Taylor, and Scotty Stuntz all voted in favor of his ratification at the Tuesday, March 15th meeting. The swearing-in ceremony will occur on April 5, 2022, during the next regular City Council meeting. 

“Transparency and community input was a major part of my campaign platform, so this has been an opportunity to set a new process for council appointments,” said Mayor Christensen.  “We received so many qualified applications and are grateful that our community is willing to step up. We’re looking forward to Miles Knowles once again serving our community.” 

Knowles admits that “losing the last election on a tiebreaker is both humbling and indicative of how much every single vote in our community matters. Having received the same number of votes as the council member that I am replacing makes me feel that my appointment reflects the preference of Driggs’ voters, as well as the support of the current city council, city staff, and the mayor.” 

With only a brief hiatus from city council, Knowles reflects that he is “excited to resume the role and responsibilities of a city council member serving our wonderful community. Serving as a commissioner for the County Housing Authority during my brief departure from city council helped me better understand the challenges Teton Valley faces in ensuring adequate workforce and affordable housing. In rejoining Driggs City Council, I will resume working to make the services we provide to our community sensible and equitable, as well as preserving the small-town values that make Driggs special.”

With much on the agenda for City Council Members, the City is grateful for all who serve and dedicate their time for the greater good of the community. Anyone interested in volunteering or serving on a city board can find more information and an online application at

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60 South Main Street
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