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Depot Square is a mixed-use project being constructed between May 2022 and July 2023 at the southwest corner of Depot Street and Front Street in Driggs. The building sits on an acre of land being leased by the CIty of Driggs to Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp (NWRECC), which has received a tax credit award from Idaho Housing and Finance Association for the project. The project will include 30 deed-restricted affordable apartments as well as retail spaces, live-work units and business incubator spaces.

Affordable Apartments

The project will be leasing 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments that are deed-restricted as affordable to households earning under 60% of the Area Median Income as well as one 2-bedroom live-work unit that is deed-restricted as affordable. At this time, the building owner/manager NWRECC is creating a list of interested households and will then contact those households around March of 2023 to request rental applications for an expected July 2023 occupancy. Anyone interested in being placed on the List of Interested Households should contact the building manager, Denee Wheeler, who will be in charge of leasing:   or (208) 375.9407. Please include the following information: name & contact information, household size, and if there are special accommodations needed (ADA unit or audio/visual enhanced unit).

Commercial Spaces

There are two ground floor commercial spaces available for lease. The larger corner unit is 1,668 square feet and the adjacent is 1,136 square feet. For more information, please contact Doug Self at

Live-Work Units

There are three live-work units (see Floor Plans document linked above) fronting Depot Street. Each unit has a 2-bedroom/1-bath apartment behind and accessible to an approximately 200sf commercial space. Suggested businesses here would be art studios, professional offices, personal service or small retail able to operate within the limited commercial footprint. One of the live-work units will be restricted for occupancy by a household earning less than 60% of Area Median Income. For more information, please contact Doug Self at

Business Incubator Spaces

City of Driggs holds a master lease on four 433sf business incubator (or "Proof of Concept") spaces that will be rented for below market rates to startup businesses for up to three years, with rent rates increasing over that period to market rates. The types of businesses sought for these spaces are small retail (gift, specialty, artisan), food/beverage with minimal kitchen needs (yoghurt, acai bowl, sandwich, etc.) and personal service/health. For more information, please contact Doug Self at

Community Meeting Room

A 679sf meeting room adjacent to the commercial spaces will be available to rent for meetings/events. This space will be managed by the building manager, with rental details available around the time of building completion in July 2023.

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60 South Main Street
Post Office Box 48
Driggs, Idaho 83422


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