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                                          Contact Info
                                          City Hall

                                          60 South Main Street
                                          P.O. Box 48
                                          Driggs, Idaho 83422

                                          Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                          Friday 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

                                          Phone: (208) 354-2362

                                          General Email:


                                          Active Projects & Interactive Map

                                          Quasi-Judicial Projects

                                          Quasi-Judicial projects are those pending Planning and Zoning, City Council, and/or Design Review Committee revisions, approval, or denial in their application process. Our Public Hearing Page contains information about how to effectively submit comments. All noticed Public Meetings or Public Hearings can be found on the Public Notice Page. Agendas & access information for the Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings and City Council Meetings are posted the week prior to the scheduled meeting.

                                          Conditional Use Permits

                                          CUP22-1 Atlas Cell Tower


                                          AX21-4 Tributary Phase II Annexation & Minor De-Annexation
                                          AX22-1 T&C Landholdings LLC
                                          AX22-2 Pierre Annexation, West of Middle School

                                          Design Review

                                          DR22-6 Eastern Idaho Credit Union
                                          DR21-7 Basin Mixed-Use Building
                                          DR22-8 See 'N Save Remodel
                                          DR21-8 Summit Self Storage: 1251 N Hwy 33
                                          DR22-1 Teton County Annex Storage Buildings: 547 n Main Street
                                          DR21-10 Element Hotel: Main Street
                                          DR21-11 Alpine Air Coffee Hut: Valley Centre Drive
                                          DR22-5 T&C Landholdings Self Storage: LeGrand Pierre Ave
                                          DR22-7 Stone Peak Townhomes: Hwy 33


                                          SUB22-5 Christensen Subdivision Final Plat
                                          SUB22-9 McClure Subdivision Preliminary Plat
                                          Rivers West Preliminary Plat
                                          SUB21-10 The Cathedral Club
                                          SUB22-1 Flats at Teton Peaks Subdivision: Multi-family development
                                          SUB22-2 Short Plat Subdivision: 420 N. Main St.
                                          SUB21-6 Preliminary Plat Subdivision: Tributary Phase 2
                                          SUB21-7 Preliminary Plat Subdivision: Tributary Phase 3
                                          SUB21-8 Preliminary Plat Subdivision: White Antler, FKA 'The Elms'
                                          SUB22-6 Preliminary Plat Subdivision : Shoshoni Plains Phase V
                                          SUB22-8 Preliminary Plat Subdivision : Torre Subdivision (AOI)

                                          Zone Change

                                          ZC22-6 REC to RS-3 for City Employee Housing
                                          ZC22-5 LOT 3 BLK 21 DRIGGS TOWNSITE : RS-7 to RS-3
                                          ZC22-2 Driggs 1st Addition: Block 1 Lots 1, 2, and 4A, along Little Avenue - Zone change to RS-3
                                          ZC22-3 Valley Centre Block 5 Lot 1: Corner of Moraine Court and Valley Centre Drive - Zone change to RX
                                          ZC22-4 415 East Little

                                          Plat Amendment

                                          PA22-7 Stone Peak Development Agreement Addendum- Hwy 33
                                          PA22-6 Tencomp Plat Amendment - Valley Center Lots 2 & 3 Block 5

                                          City Initiated Projects

                                          Planning, Zoning & Building Projects:

                                          AOCI Update Area of City Impact - Update Negotiations
                                          AMD22-1 Amendments to the Land Development Code to Support Affordable & Workforce Housing
                                          AMD22-2 Annual Review and Amendments to Land Development Code
                                          AMD22-3 Amendments to the Land Development Code

                                          AX22-3 Stone Ridge PUD & Aspen Point PUD Annexation

                                          Public Works & Community Development Projects:

                                          Depot Square: Affordable Housing Project
                                          LeGrand Pierre Road and Pathway Improvements

                                          Front Street Relocation (Little Ave to Depot St)
                                          Front Street Water Improvement Project

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                                          60 South Main Street
                                          Post Office Box 48
                                          Driggs, Idaho 83422


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